"The Atomic States of America," 2012, 90 minutes
Journeys to nuclear reactor communities around the country – including Illinois. Provides a comprehensive exploration of the history and impact of nuclear power; and investigates the truths and myths about nuclear energy. Sundance Film Festival entry 2012. Available on Hulu.

"In My Lifetime," 2011, 109 minutes
A comprehensive look at the full scope and impact of the nuclear age from its beginnings to the present day, including the international efforts by citizens, scientists and political leaders to reduce or eliminate the nuclear threat.

"Radium City," 1986, 120 minutes
Story of the girls of Ottawa, IL, enlisted in the 1930s to paint luminous dials with radium paints -- without their knowledge of the dangers involved.
Carole Langer Productions. Check online.


Hibakusha-At the End of the World

Rokkasho Rhapsody (2006)